There are many advice columns out there. Most of them are excellent and do a great job at pointing their readers to the right direction. House of Advice seeks to be like those excellent advice columns and more.

The objective of this blog is to touch each person who sends a question or concern with the most appropriate (if not, thorough) advice and/or suggestion that can be found. I ask other readers with insights on a particular issue to contribute whenever they see the need. After all, as a Ghanaian proverb goes, one mind cannot go to war by itself.  One person cannot face life alone. It takes a community to raise a fully developed individual.

The House of Advice invites your questions and concerns. Please send your emails to myhouseadvice@gmail.com. No attachments, please. We will change names and cities to ensure confidentiality.  If you have any suggestions for this blog, you can send them through the Contact Form below. Thank you.